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Highly individualized training

“I used to beat myself up five days a week and felt like a failure if I didn’t sweat buckets and get sore, despite not touching anything heavier than  12-pounds and rarely seeing change. Sam corrected 25 years of bad habits, I feel safe pushing myself, I’ve made great gains, and I use the 22-pound weights.”

Eileen S., client, training for pain free active living

Workouts that make your body work better.


Functional resistance training is important for activities of daily living, sports performance, pain management, balance, and bone density.

Increased heart and lung capacity boosts endurance, enables an active lifestyle, and improves longevity.
Multiplanar movement
Reaching, jumping, stepping, throwing, and rolling in all three planes of motion enhances movement quality and resilience.

Treating the body as an integrated system.



Breath shapes the ribcage and pelvis, and has the power to improve the alignment and performance of every joint in the body.



Understanding how we walk allows us to optimize foot mechanics and change how the entire body works.

Posture & Alignment

Posture & Alignment

Joint position provides insights into the body's movement strategies and suggests areas  for change.

Developmental Movement

Developmental Movement

Childhood activities like rolling and crawling can restore natural, efficient, pain-free movement.


Lots of things work. This is how I bring it all together to find what works for you.

Exercise Validation Cycle

The Assessment


27 joint measurements


digital postural analysis


detailed history


collaborative goal-setting


strategic planning with performance metrics



My name is Sam Abrams. I am a trainer in Palo Alto, California.

Since 2005 I’ve trained athletes, kids, and grandparents to improve performance, overcome injury histories, and change body composition. 


I first became interested in the gym as a high school soccer player. I desperately hoped that lifting weights would transform me into an elite athlete. Alas, it did not–but I learned a lot about how the body works anyway. After college, my struggles to fully recover from sports injuries inspired me to further study human movement. 


Before training full time, I was a national security analyst in Washington, DC. I studied international relations as an undergraduate at Tufts and as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins.

Two locations in Palo Alto, CA

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Palo Alto, CA

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Avenue Palo Alto, CA

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