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Sam combines best practice athletic training and rehabilitation methods to create highly individualized personal training and wellness coaching. Sam’s clients train for sport, to change their body composition, and to overcome movement limitations. Exercises and training techniques reflect client history, goals, posture, gait, and breathing patterns.

About Us


Sam offers one-on-one sessions, semi-private sessions, small group sessions, and nutritional coaching at his fully equipped outdoor home gym in Midtown, Palo Alto.


All clients begin with a movement and nutritional assessment, and train with Sam in one-on-one sessions. As appropriate, clients may be given the option to join a group of up to three clients for semi-private sessions in which each client performs their individualized workout under Sam’s supervision. Small group sessions in which participants perform the same workout are available at select times as well. Nutritional coaching based on behavior-change psychology is available as an add-on to any of the above services or as a stand-alone service. 


4pm Thursdays | "Unconventional Conditioning"  

This workouts uses unconventional gym tools (kettlebells, medicine balls, ViPRs, FitFighters, battle ropes, etc.) to create a fun workout that trains aerobic (low intensity fat burning) and anaerobic (high intensity interval) energy systems. This session is fantastic for fat loss and general fitness.


Sam Abrams


Since 2006, Sam has helped athletes, busy professionals, and retirees navigate injuries and other challenges to perform and look their best. 


Sam has trained clients at boutique training studios and large commercial gyms, where he also served as an instructor for junior trainers. Before becoming a trainer, Sam was a research analyst in a Washington, DC human design firm, experience which informs his approach to training today. He holds a graduate degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins. 


Originally from Albany, NY, Sam began resistance training as a way to prepare himself for high school soccer and swimming. After college, where he rowed crew, sports related injuries became a pathway for him to teach himself about human movement. He now lives in Palo Alto with his wife and three sons. 


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